Meet Marc Friedland


This is the website of Marc Friedland, 2016 candidate for Mecklenburg County Commission, District 5.

Marc knows the South Charlotte community where he’s lived for 19 years raising 2 children with his wife Jyoti. As a socially conscious small business owner, he knows how to manage budgets and deliver the best customer service. These are the skills our county needs.

Marc was born in Philadephia, PA and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in history.

In 1991 when Marc Friedland opened Talley’s Green Grocery in Charlotte’s Dilworth Community, his intention was to expose Charlotte for the first time to a full service natural foods supermarket. Talley’s was a pioneer in it’s promotion of vegetarian and organic food and over the years these foods have become available all over the city. With Talley’s mission accomplished, Marc decided to take on another challenge… politics!

Marc and Jyoti are also currently in preparations to open a vegetarian restaurant.

Marc’s personal interests include gourmet vegetarian food (his wife Jyoti is a chef), organic and locally grown food, healthy living, and yoga. He also designed and manages this website.

In 2008, shortly after closing Talley’s Green Grocery, Marc was elected as a delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention and in 2009 he ran for Charlotte City Council, District 7.  In 2010 Marc was appointed by Charlotte City Council to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Committee where he served as communications chair.  Also in 2010 he was elected chair of precinct 93 for the Democratic Party and in 2011 he was elected Secretary of the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party (MCDP). In 2013 he was elected 1st Vice Chair of the MCDP and in 2014-2015 was the Chair of the MCDP.  In 2014 Marc also served as the President of the Mecklenburg County Senior Democrats.  Currently, Marc is the Secretary of the Small Business Democrats of North Carolina.